China Keen to Invest in Iran's Western Province
11/10/2012 10:59:54 AM


"There is good determination for the expansion ofcooperation and that is very important for Chinese investors and contractorswith regard to investment in Iran specially in specific provinces which havespecial potentials such as Kermanshah," Hongyang said in a meeting withKermanshah's Governor-General.


"There are good grounds for investment in this provinceand we are ready to invest in different spheres in this province," thediplomat said, adding that he plans to brief Chinese investors on theadvantages of Kermanshah province.


As regards Iran-China ties, Hongyang said that thereciprocal meetings between the two countries' high-ranking officials indicatethat cooperation between the two countries is growing.


Trade between the two countries in the past year wasestimated at $45 billion.


China, like Russia, has consistently opposed the USpressures on Iran and the West's economic sanctions imposed on the Iranianfinancial sector and petroleum products.


China has refused to comply with US requests to decrease oilimports from Iran and instead has increased its trade with the country.