Iran's agricultural exports up 25% in 10 months: minister
2/19/2013 10:57:24 AM
On February 12, IRNA quoted Iranian Agriculture Ministry official Rahmatollah Parichehr as saying that during the past two years, over $2 billion worth of agricultural products - mainly pistachios and raisins - have been exported.

This year, apples and citrus fruits have also been exported, he noted.On January 20, IRNA quoted another Agriculture Ministry official Naser Tavakkoli as saying that Iran plans to increase its agricultural exports to 118 million tons in the current Iranian calendar year from 107 million tons in the past year.

Iran's agricultural exports grew last year, with pistachio and saffron sales almost doubling, despite Western sanctions on trade with the country, the Fars News Agency quoted Iran's deputy agriculture minister Jahangir Pourhemmat as saying on January 6.Between March 21 and December 20, Iran's pistachio exports doubled to $587 million, making the nuts Iran's biggest agricultural export by value. Exports of saffron rose 87 percent to $213 million, according to Reuters."Export of farming products has increased 15 percent compared to the previous year, while the agricultural exports are still on the increase on a daily basis," Pourhemmat added.