Iran not yet able to cut gasoline imports: MP
2/5/2013 2:18:06 PM
The country has not reached self-sufficiency in gasoline production, he said, adding that cutting gasoline imports will damage the transportation sector.
This is while Iran’s Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi says the Islamic Republic will become an exporter of gasoline in less than two months, according to Press TV.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony of a new gasoline-production unit at Abadan Refinery on Friday, Qasemi said the facility had made Iran independent of gasoline imports, adding that the country would turn into an exporter of this important oil product by the next Iranian year (starting March 21.) 
The Iranian oil minister further dismissed as ineffective the U.S.-engineered sanctions against the country’s oil sector and said, “The progress made in the country’s oil industry has helped us leave behind … the sanctions.” 
Elsewhere in his remarks, Qasemi noted that the Islamic Republic has also undertaken to optimize several other refineries, including those in Bandar Abbas, Tabriz and Isfahan, saying that all of these projects will come on stream by March 2014 at the latest.