Iranian fruit exports down 30%
1/21/2013 10:10:48 AM
Iran needs to work on the packaging in order to boost its fruits exports, the ISNA News Agency quoted Mostafa Darayinejad as saying.

Turkey is becoming a great exporter of fruits in the region, decreasing Iran's share of exports, he added.

It is while Iranian Agriculture Jihad Minister Sadeq Khalilian said last month that the country's agricultural products exports faced a 13 per cent increase in the first seven months of the Iranian calendar year, the IRNA News Agency reported.
He went on to note that Iran is registering a new record in agriculture output this year.

Iran's fruit exports value is expected to reach two billion dollars in the current calendar year, Khalilian added..
Iran exported over 1.131 billion dollars' worth of agricultural products in the previous calendar year. The value of exports of agricultural products was $64.1 billion more than imports in the past calendar year which ended on March 19.

Iran is the Middle East and North Africa's greatest producer of garden products, and ranks up to ninth in the world, an official with the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad said on October 22.

Iran has been ranked between eighth and tenth in global fruit production in different years. In the production of pomegranates and pistachios Iran ranks first, in dates and cherries, third and fourth in the production of apples and walnuts and seventh in producing citrus fruits.

50 kinds of fruits are grown in Iran. The record for pomegranate production is 100 tons in a hectare of land, 146 ton for apples and 70 tons for oranges.

Mohammad Talebi, the managing director of the Agricultural Bank of Iran, announced in November that Iran inaugurated 4724 agricultural projects during the first six months of the current Iranian calendar year which began March 20, creating more than 13,656 direct and indirect jobs.

The projects are in the fields of water and soil management, animal husbandry, natural resources, agricultural industries, research and development, Talebi said.