China's Geely buys maker of London black cabs


Chinese auto giant Geely bought financially troubled Manganese Bronze Holdings (MBH), manufacturer of the iconic London Black Taxi. The cost of the deal is 11.04 million British pounds ($ 17.44 million).

Keystone pipeline will not increase US energy security


EAST ORANGE, N.J. — US energy independence has been a pipedream of presidents and politicians.

‘Burgernomics’ show Russian rouble still highly undervalued


The Economist has released its so-called Big Mac index where Russian rouble finds itself in the top ten of the world’s undervalued currencies.

NIOC, world’s 3rd biggest oil company: Oil & Gas IQ


Oil & Gas IQ, a leading online resource and community for the oil and gas industry, has ranked the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) as the third biggest oil company in the world.

Polish plant puts rotten meat in sausages, report says


If you think horsemeat is exotic, you should try expired meat. A Polish meat plant was shut down today amid concerns that it was selling meat past its expiration date, Reuters reported.

JPMorgan hiring in China under U.S. scrutiny - report


(Reuters) - U.S. authorities have opened an investigation into whether JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYS:JPM) hired the children of powerful Chinese officials to help it win business in China, the New York Times said on Saturday.

What’s really holding back growth in India


India's economic growth slowdown will not last long as the government moves to make foreign investment easier and push forward new infrastructure projects, the country's prime minister said on Thursday.