Porcelain,ceramic and glassware can add elegance and comfort to any kitchen.Professionals value such dishes, especially for its versatility, it is suitable for cooking as well as for spectacular serving. Modern technologies of production of Iranian tableware make them durable, resistant to chipping and scratching even during active use. A variety of shapes, sizes and colors,high-quality, functional tableware from Iran, will allow you to create your own gamma of tastes and aromas.  

Thanks to the wide product range and variety of colors, Iranian tableware is bought by entrepreneurs for table appointments in their restaurants and cafes, as well as by housewives.The greatest advantage of ceramic tableware is environmental cleanliness! For its production natural material is used – red clay, known for its beneficial influence on humans! 

Porcelain tableware symbolizes wealth and comfort. It can improve your mood and adorn life. Using porcelain tableware you will receive a daily aesthetic pleasure.  

Even in ancient times treatment of guests with drink in different beautiful glasses was considered to be an attribute of special culture. Currently, the market offers a huge selection of various glasses for every taste and with any price. The quality of the glass is determined by the main material within its composition,tonality in sound, reflection of light, shape and strength of the glass sides.  

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