Yiwu city-market

Production and sale of consumer goods, goods of everyday use is one of the priority sectors of the economy of China. And a recognized leader in this area is the Yiwu city-market.This city can be described as unique because it was built in 1982 specifically for wholesale trade, and today it is the largest city-market almost in the whole world. Here you can buy absolutely any products of mass consumption.  A variety of products, quality and price is amazing. 

Yiwu is a city-exhibition,which runs 365 days a year. Built almost from scratch, today it is one of the most developed cities of China. Offices of more than 30 thousand enterprises of light industry are represented in the overall exhibition space of the 800 000 m2.Everybody can assess the quality of the product, make a booking, and conclude the contract right here without any intermediaries. 

The daily turnover of Yiwu is about 110 million USD. For several years already Yiwu has taken first place in China in terms of turnover. Daily over 300 000 people strike a bargain here,more than 6000 foreign importers continually make wholesale purchases of goods in Yiwu. Every day over 1000 export containers are shipped to more than 180 countries around the world.  

On the market there are more than 320 000 kind of merchandise, encompassing virtually all categories of products for everyday use: clothes, food, art products, jewelry, bags,suitcases, umbrellas, toys, cosmetics, sporting goods, crockery, household appliances, consumer electronics, appliances, furnishings, home supplies, office supplies, lighting, photo equipment and accessories, knitwear, watches; as well as light industry facilities.

Such extent of trade has contributed to the development of other industries. Yiwu has one of the best transport systems in the country. Convenient infrastructure, logistics considered in detail and excellent connections with the major Chinese seaports also contributed to the development of trade. 

It is noteworthy that the city has almost no production. It is hard to find any plant or factory here.