Exhibitions in China

China Yivu International Commodities Fair.Yiwu is the largest in China and worldwide wholesale City-market of consumer goods, which has over 320 000 items of product in 1502 categories. City of Yiwu, a permanent market-exhibition, that has the representative offices of more than 30 000 enterprises of light industry in total exhibition area of 800 000 m2. The daily sales transactions are more than 110 million USD. Founded in 1982,City – market Yiwu at the moment is China's largest export base of consumer goods. Over the past 15 years, City – market Yves has taken first place in China on the annual turnover of transactions. Daily at the market 300 000 people conclude deals; more than 6 000 foreign importers constantly buy wholesale goods. Every day over 1000 export containers are sent to over 180 countries around the world. Yiwu is one of the largest logistics centers in China with an extensive network of railway, air and marine transport. Daily goods of more than 5 000 tonnage are shipped from there. Thanks to the proximity to these a ports of Shanghai and Ningbo, from Yiwu sea transportations are made to any country in the world. Fair in Yiwu is the largest exhibition of consumer goods in China, which since 1995 has been running every year from 22 to 26 October. In 2002 it became an international fair of commodities organized by Ministry of Commerce of China and people's Government of Zhejiang Province, and other organizations. The Fair adopted its status of known exhibition by its bright specificities,a high level of internationalization, powerful information system, and perfect service. It is the largest, influential and effective exhibition of consumer goods, and the third exhibition by scale organized by the Ministry of Commerce.  

The China Import and Export Fair,Canton Fair in Guangzhou City. Guangzhou is one of the oldest cities in the country;it is also the only port in China, that has been existing already a thousand years. In addition, Guangzhou is the largest industrial and cultural center.This has meant that it is there that for many years an international Canton trade fair, the largest exhibition of Southeast Asia, representing the entire range of export and import products from China, has been held. The fair is held twice a year, in April and October. It was created in 1957 and was held for more than 100 times. The exhibition is held with great scope, a list of suggested products almost endless: from the industrial, construction machinery and equipment to toys, arts and health food products.  

100% Design Shanghaian annual international exhibition of products and innovations in furniture and interior design. Since 2006, 100% Design Shanghaiin China has been the only exhibition of leading brands in the modern interior.The exhibition presents original design of furniture, lighting, ideas for bathroom and kitchen, as well as technology and design of the manufacture of floor and walls. 100% Design Shanghai exhibition aims to create a dynamic atmosphere for circulation of innovative ideas. At 100% Design Shanghai, you can not only see, but also get the hottest news for your home, find lucrative partners and conclude trading contracts. Within the exhibition an innovative furniture competition among young designers Designed in China is also held. 

Main categories of 100% Design Shanghai 2010:

• Interior design 

• Home accessories

• Soft,cabinet furniture

• Cuisine

• Bathroom

• Lighting

• Floor

• Coverings for walls 

• Home textile