Cardboard is the thickest paper, thicker than sugar and wrapping paper.

There is no clear distinction between paper and paperboard. according to Russian standards paper is a "material with a mass to 250 grams per square meter, consisting mainly of plant fibers, bound together by surface adhesion, which may include sizing agents, mineral fillers, chemical and natural fibers, pigments and dyes". Cardboard, in turn, is referred to as "material, consisting mainly of plant fibers, characterized by greater thickness of paper and weight per square meter." On the German classification, cardboard is a paper with a mass over 150 grams per square meter. The majority of experts suppose cardboard thickness greater than 0.2 mm, or any multilayer paper. By kind of purpose board is divided into packaging, printing, construction, electrical, shoe board, etc. 

In the production of cardboard core manufacturing operations are milling, drain, pressing and drying which not much different from operations in the manufacture of paper. But for the cardboard substances with rough and tough fibers are more likely to use as a raw material (brown wood pulp, semi-chemical pulp, sulfate pulp and waste paper).

Cardboard can be a single-layered and multi layered. The inner layers of multi layered cardboard are usually made from cheaper materials, the outer layers - from more durable and expensive fibers.

The main characteristics of the board are : grammage(weight of 1 square meter), thickness, moisture content). Specific technical indicators include: absorbency, insulating properties, deformation when wetting and drying, etc.

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