Magnesium oxide flat sheet

Magnesium oxide flat sheet is a sheet of construction and finishing material made from magnesium-based binder. It consists of: magnesia, magnesium chloride, perlite,organic filler – wood flour (chips), rice husk and glass fiber as a reinforcement material. In the production of high-quality MgO board non woven material made of synthetic fibers is applied additionally. Mostly the board is produced and exported from China.

As one of the most modern construction materials MgO sheet has many exceptional properties: 

·        - Water proof. The sheets do not deform under the influence of moisture;  

·        - Fire proof. The sheet is not only not flammable, but it can be said for sure that fire proof panel of this material is a reliable protection from flame;  

·        - MgO board has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, therefore it is an excellent heat insulation material; 

·        - MgO absorbs sound well that gives to the premises, finished with MgO, comfort and silence; 

·        - MgO is enough solid and elastic. Moreover, MgO sheet is resistant to strong shocks;  

·        - MgO board does not contain the harmful substances, asbestos, does not emit toxic and harmful substances even when heated and can be applied in the finish of public space. 

·        - It is odorless.


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