Consolidation of modular cargoes

International shipping, that AVA Market Company provides, involve delivering of so-called modular cargoes. Although this service requires coordination, coherence,efficiency from all members of transaction it is in great demand among shippers. Transportation of modular cargoes is used by companies and individuals who want to organize transportation for small amounts of cargo. In this case, the cost of a single vehicle is not justified. It is much easier to arrange the shipment of own goods as a part of a larger party, which is made up of whole range of small cargoes. And respectively, you pay only for the place that your own goods occupy.  Delivery of a modular cargo is a priority direction in the work of the AVA Market Company.Our company specializes in the delivery of modular cargoes from Iran.International transportation of modular cargoes by AVA Market takes place in the shortest possible time; high reliability and quality are achieved thanks to close cooperation with leading forwarders and customs brokers, to use of consolidated warehouses in Russia and Iran, as well as responsibility and professionalism of our company employees. 

At this stage it is very important to make the right choice of vehicle. Because modular cargoes have fragmented structure and different characteristics, it is important to choose the optimal conditions of delivery for the whole party. AVA Market specialists are knowledgeable in the field of transport logistics and will be able to choose the most optimal and secure scheme of delivery of a modular cargo. Delivery option is always selected to suit your individual requirements and is most convenient for you. 

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