Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is the carriage of the same goods by various modes of transport. Modes of transportation can be combined in any way: road, rail, sea,and air transportation. 

Example of a multimodal transportation: within multimodal transportation the goods should be first moved from sender's storage to the port or airport or railway station of departure; after the main shipment the goods should be delivered from the port, airport, or railway station of destination to the consignee's warehouse. In rare cases, namely in the case of road transportation, the goods are delivered by the same transport mode. In all other cases, several modes of transport are always used. 

For example, if you are carrying out air transportation, in any case, you first need to deliver the goods to the airport by auto transport. If you are carrying out sea transportation, the goods shall be first delivered to the port by road or rail transport. If you are carrying out railway transportation, the goods should be first brought to the railway station by road transport, etc. Why is the multimodal transportation used? Multimodal transportations are used for various purposes:to reduce transportation costs, delivery times or when there is no other way of transportation.

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