Mosquito nets

During warm season, starting from spring to autumn, mosquitoes, flies and other midges appear. We open windows for the sunshine, warm air, but inevitably insects fall in houses and apartments. Modern mosquito nets are made of pure polyester and do not miss anyinsects. For example, in the country house, you can arrange mosquito tent. It is mounted on a ring and protects your sleep. You can also make the mosquito frame for window or balcony door.

Modern technology makes it possible to fabricate net with such small holes that it doesn't even pass the road dust.Mosquito net is very thin, and any tent can be put in a small package and does not take much space in closet. Mosquito frame will not spoil the view from the window, because it is lightweight and translucent.   

Iranian factories which produce mosquito nets offer products of any sizes and different colors. Iranian brands are well known in the market of Russia and CIS countries.

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