Floor toilets

A squat toilet (also known as Arabic, French, Japanese, Korean, Iranian, Indian, Turkish or Natural-Position toilet) is a toilet used by squatting, rather than sitting. There are different types of floor toilets used in public restrooms, in railway carriages,soldiers barracks, etc. Toilets are made from different materials: metal,ceramics, etc.  

Floor toilets are distributed in Asian countries, particularly in Islamic countries, CIS countries, also in China and Japan. In Iran the industry of ceramic sanitary engineering production is quite widespread due to quality raw materials and a large number of manufacturers who compete in this market. In consequence of which produced floor toilets have higher quality which meets international standards.  

Advantages of bowls of Genoa (another name of these toilets) are simplicity and dependability of design that allows the public toilet to work under constant vandalism (regular toilet can be easily split), as well as hygienic - when using toilets the visitor do not have to touch it with anything except the soles of shoes.

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Producers in Iran:

-       Golsar Fars

-       Chini Rose

-       Samko

-       Ardekan