Pepper is the most ancient and known spice in the world. In ancient times it was also the most precious gift. And all this because of that pepper was considered to be the King of exotic spices for many centuries. Pepper was often used as currency, particularly in the West, less commonly in the East. Pepper was a symbol of the merchants who sold a variety of seasonings, and evidence of their wealth. Nowadays about 700 species of pepper are known in the world. And each of them is valuable in its own way. Different types of pepper are widely used in cooking, pharmacy and cosmetology. Birthplace of pepper – Asia; in ancient times it was called "the country where the pepper grows". The word "pepper", by the way, meant all the exotic spices. To Russia sweet pepper was imported in the end of the XVI century from Iran and Turkey.

 Various measures have been taken in Iran for sustained development of pepper production. Many manufacturers refuse to use traditional methods of production for the sake of wide introduction of mechanization and new technologies. There is an increase of the education level among the peasants. Farmers try to use cost-effective methods of irrigation.

 The most common species of pepper grown in Iran are sweet pepper, cayenne pepper, chili pepper kubeba pepper, white pepper, black pepper.