Place of garlic origin is Asia. Garlic cultivation began about 5 thousand years ago. Since ancient times, it was cultivated by Assyrians (the Iranians), Romans, Egyptians, Arabs, Greeks, etc. Pythagoras called garlic "King of seasonings”. Today in Iran the garlic is in the list of seven products, which must be on the table during Iranian New year. Garlic has many helpful and healing properties, is very useful for health. It has a specific taste and is widely used as excellent gustatory seasoning.  

Iran's scientists could develop a method which using gamma radiation stops the sprouting of garlic during storage. It allows to reduce significantly the loss of the product. Gamma rays are highly penetrative; it makes them suitable for use in sterilization of food and preventing the spread of pests. In addition, gamma radiation can help prevent food poisoning with microbes.

In Iran they use only high-quality agricultural machinery new technologies for onion cultivation and production.