Onion is an ancient crop. More than 4000 years BC it was known in Asian countries – Iran, China, India, and Afghanistan. Many researches consider Asia to be the homeland of onion. From there the plant was taken to Egypt through Iran and Afghanistan, and then to Greece and Rome, where it was grown for several centuries BC.

The world largest producers and exporters of onion are Iran, the USA, Japan, Spain, Egypt and Turkey. The large centres of onion production in Iran are Isfahan, East and West Azerbaijan, Ilam and Horasan provinces. Every year the area under the onion takes about 40 thousand hectares, with an average yield of over 40 tons per 1 hectare.

East Azerbaijan province is a main centre of onion production in Iran; it has 25% of total harvest. The annual consumption of onion per person is more than 220 kg in this province.


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