Cucumber is an herbaceous annual vegetable. It is still difficult to refer cucumber to the definite genus or species, that’s why it’s called “false berry”. For example, in Iran nobody would think of pickling cucumbers or adding them to the salad. Here it is considered to be a fruit and served only with sweets.

 In Iran provinces Mazandaran, Huzestan produce cucumbers for export. In Mazandaran 1850 hectares of farmland are occupied for cucumber cultivation. They give about 45 thousand tons of this product. The total area of greenhouses where cucumber is grown is about 22 hectares and they produce over 3 thousand tons each year.

 In drought conditions part of cucumber plantations is equipped with system of drip irrigation. This system’s advantages are economical use of water, increase of productivity, effective control of weeds and the decrease of the pesticides use.

 In Iran the production of organic, ecologically clean food increases every year. The country has developed standards for permissible levels of pesticides in the content of greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes, so just environmentally friendly products go to the shelves of markets and stores.

Cucumber pictures