Potato is an annual herbal very rich in starch. It has two subspecies: andigena  и tuberosum. Potato is fourth most important food crop in the world after corn, wheat and rice. More than 300 million tons of potatoes are harvested per year all over the on the area of ​​approximately 193000 km. This vegetable is produced in 130 countries, where 75% of world populations live.

The area of greens, vegetables, and melons and gourds sowing is 700 thousand hectares, and annual harvest is about 20 million tons. And the area of potato cultivation is more than 150 thousand hectares, and annual harvest is about 4 million tons.  Nowadays the main potato producers in Iran are Ardebil, Hamadan, Isfahan, East Azerbaijan, Zenjan, Hormozgan, Djiroft, Kehnudj provinces. The annual consumption of potato per person is around 48 kg in Iran.



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