The peach tree (the scientific name: Prunuspersica, in Latin means Persian apple) is a species of Prunus that gives an edible juicy fruit,  with white or yellow flesh and velvety skin. Its classification depends on whether the flesh sticks to the stone or not, and therefore there are two basic types: clingstones and freestones.

Peach is cultivated almost all over the world.

There are thousands of peach cultivators in the world: over 1132000 tons of this fruit are produced per year. In the list of first ten countries China with 3 million tons is the major peach-producer country. After china Italy goes with 1.4 million tons, The United States - with 1.3 million tons, Spain - with 90000 tons, Greek -  with 600000 tons, France -  460000 tons, Turkey - 4000000 tons, Chili - 275000 tons, Iran -  267000 tons and finally Argentina with 254000 tons. 

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