Over 1.5 million tons of pomegranates are produced per year throughout the world. The homeland of this fruit is Iran;moreover, this country is the world largest pomegranate-producer with over 50%proportion of world's total harvest

 There are many sorts of pomegranate in Iran

 KhafreShiraz pomegranate. In fact it is the sweetest and whitest out of all  types of pomegranate. It is in some extent cheaper in comparison with other sorts. But white pomegranate has especial features such as Omega-3, Omega-6 and notorious facts. Therefore, it is more expensive than red seeds in European countries

 Saveh pomegranate. This sort is famous for its three properties such as sweet flavor, soft skin and long life

 Firuzkooh pomegranate. Thick-skinned round fruit, which has a reddish center, full of large juicy seeds 







The pictures of Pomegranate