Grape tree is called "TAK" or "MOU"  in Iran, its scientific name is "Vitis Vinifera". It has strong and long roots, many branches and naturally does not grows vertically. Grapes can be with seeds and seedless.

The most common sorts of grapes in Iran are as follow:

Shahani, Yaghouti, Khalili, Askari, Rishbaba, Angor Keshmesh, Fakhari, Angor shast arosan siyah, Alghi siyah, Mesghali, Razeghi, Shirazi, Nabati, Madarbacheh…

Since Iran can have different seasons in one time on its different territories, this country can provide over 3 million tons of grapes per year, so Iran ranks eighth among grape-producer countries. 

The main provinces that produce grapes are; Takestan, Qazvin, Hamadan, Ardebil, West & East Azerbaijan, Orumiyeh and Isfahan.



The Pictures of Grapes