Saffron is a unique spice that combines a lot of salubrious features. Regular use of this spice cleanses liver, blood, makes complexion better, improves mood and makes healthier whole organism. This is the most expensive spice, widely used by leading chefs around the world. It's impossible to overestimate the importance of this spice in the history of cuisine. Saffron is comparable with the value of gold, it has name of Red gold or Desert gold, so it has been cleverly fabricated in all centuries. And today,you can purchase a substitute, not knowing all the intricacies of buying saffron. The high price of Saffron due mainly to two reasons: firstly, its production is very complicated; secondly, aroma, flavor and medicinal properties of saffron don't have equal among spices. In order to make a kilo of spice called saffron, it is necessary to collect 100000 flowers of crocus. It is these beautiful plants that saffron are made from. Gathering flowers lasts only three days. Just so many days this flower lives. Further it withers and is no longer useful for processing. Quality of saffron produced in different countries is very different. Iranian Saffron is considered to be one of the best in the world. 81% of the global saffron harvest is gathered in Iran. Meanwhile, Iranian saffron is the most affordable. One of the"competitive" qualities of Iranian saffron is that even with extended storage, its aroma, flavor and nice features are preserved in their entirety.Thanks to this unique property, it is Iranian Saffron that particularly popular among sellers of high-quality herbs and spices from around the world, because it does not require any strict conditions of storage: in sealed glass bulb-seal, etc

Iranian manufacturers take into account that effective growing of saffron mainly depends on soil conditions. Every seven years, it is necessary to restore its nutritional value; otherwise it will affect the harvest. Traditionally Iranian saffron producers use the youngest plants, not older than two or three years. Particular attention is paid for crop-drying process; it is the phase that flavor properties of prepared spices depend on. Iranian saffron is fully consistent with international standard ISO 3632,defining quality of saffron. Saffron is mainly produced in Khorasan Province – Rozavi





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