The pistachio tree or Iranian pistachio (Pistacia vera) can be found in the Northeast forests of Iran. Iran is also the original region where this tree grew for the first time.  From this country its cultivation was spread into the Mediterranean world (South of Europe and North of Africa).Nowadays pistachio is one of the most important non-oil export products in Iran;moreover the first data about Iranian pistachio export to the other parts of the world dates back for 2500 years ago. At first archaeological findings pistachio was found in the era of Achaemenian; it was cultivated it in their territory and was brought to neighborhood countries

FAO reports Iran as the top pistachios-producer country in the world

Iran has a wide varieties and sorts of pistachios such as: Akbari, Kalleqouchi,Ahmadaghaee, Ohdee, Badami Zarand, Moomtaze Khanjaree Damghan, ShahpasandeSefid Peste Nough and Kazvini


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