Russian companies will take part in the construction of power plants in the province of Khuzestan
1/24/2012 4:00:08 PM

The Governor of Khuzestan Province, Seyed Jafar Hedzazi,in an interview with IRNA reported that during the meetings held in Moscow, it had been agreed that the Russian side will take part in investing of combined type power plants construction in Khuzestan Province. 

S. J. Hedzazi noted that Russian companies held negotiations on financing the construction of power plants with overall production capacity of at least 1.7 thousand mw together with Iranian companies, taking into account the decision of the Government of Iran to increase production capacity of power plants in the province. 

The Governor of Khuzestan Province stressed that return of nested foreign investors’ funds is guaranteed by the Government of Iran.

According to J. Hedzazi, the Russian delegation will visit Khuzestan Province soon for negotiating and agreeing on a number of special issues. 

The trading delegation of Khuzestan Province arrived in Russia with a four-day trip last Thursday, January 19, to hold meetings in Moscow and Astrakhan. 

During the visit of the delegation in Russia, there were held with the Governor of Astrakhan area and representatives of the management of Commerce Chambers of Moscow and Astrakhan with a view to strengthening the bilateral trade.

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