Iran ready to export gas to Ukraine, Moldova: envoy
8/17/2013 9:37:52 AM
"Both Ukraine and Moldova need natural gas, and Iran has huge gas reserves and is ready to consider future supplies of fuel to the two countries," IRNA quoted the diplomat as saying. 
At present, Ukraine secures a major portion of its needed gas through importing from Russia.
The new Iranian administration should focus on exporting natural gas as its trump card in regional and international relations, Iran’s ex-oil minister Gholamhossein Nozari has said.
The country should seriously plan to boost natural gas exports to its neighboring countries and even to Europe, he added.
"Considering the intensified international sanctions on the country's oil sector, the priority should be placed on the development of the gas industry as the country seeks a trump card in international diplomatic relations," he said.
On April 19, IRNA quoted National Iranian Gas Company Managing Director Javad Owji as saying that Iran exported 8.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas, worth $3.5 billion, in the past Iranian calendar year.
He also said that the country imported 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas, worth $1.8 billion, last year.
Gas imports dropped by 50 percent year on year, he noted.
In May, Owji said that Iran plans to increase its natural gas exports as a way to diminish its reliance on crude sales.