Iran’s daily exports of oil products stand at 20 million liters
5/5/2013 2:39:43 PM
He also said that crude oil refining capacity has increased to 1.8 million barrels per day.
Strategic reserves of gasoline and diesel fuel will be increased by 1.3 billion liters in the current year, he noted.
At present, Iran has the capacity to store 11.5 billion liters of fuel, which is sufficient for 58 days consumption. Last year, 16 storage facilities were inaugurated nationwide, boosting the country’s storage capacity by 1 billion liters. The storage capacity is planned to hit 14.5 billion liters by 2016.
Previously, Zeighami said that a package of investment, worth $47.5 billion, has been prepared to develop different sectors of the oil refining and distribution industry, the Mehr News Agency reported.
He also said that the national oil pipeline network will be expanded to 5100 kilometers from 3700 kilometers by 2015.
Some $2 billion should be invested by 2015 to boost the storage capacity of oil products, the official noted.
Iran is now exporting gasoline and diesel fuel to neighboring countries, Zeighami said.