What's really behind China's cash crunch


When it comes to the economy, China's policy makers have often been criticized for a heavy-handed approach, stepping in at the first signs of trouble. That makes the reluctance by the central bank to pump in cash and alleviate a credit squeeze for local lenders highly significant, analysts say.

Russian privatization changes to keep Rosneft state-owned


The Russian government plans to hold back on the privatization of several major state enterprises and to retain control of the Rosneft oil company, according to the Vedomosti business daily.

Holly Ellyatt, CNBCJune 17, 2013 12:47 Is Italy on a collision course with Europe?


Italy's fragile coalition government announced a raft of measures to boost its economy this weekend, but the package was conspicuous for the absence of spending cuts. The lack of measures could make it hard for the country to meet its deficit target and could put it on the path to conflict with Europe.

Yes, at some point China will implode


If there has been one prediction made more than any other over the past couple of decades, it's that China's miraculous economy is headed for a fall.

Eurozone unemployment leaves 19.4mn jobless, 7 year high


Just days after French President Francis Hollande announced the euro crisis was over, employment across the Eurozone collectively shrank 0.5 percent in the first quarter, bringing levels to their lowest in seven years.

Nicaragua OKs Chinese-made mega canal


LIMA, Peru — Nicaragua’s lawmakers have approved a multibillion-dollar plan for a little-known Chinese firm to carve a canal between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans that would dwarf the Panama Canal.

China gives US nothing, but Germans get sweets


Some of the 9 hours of "unscripted" talks between the US President Barack Obama and the Chinese President Xi Jinping in a balmy California desert over the weekend could have been used to give American companies a better opportunity to compete in the Middle Kingdom's booming economy.

Why is French wine at the forefront of an EU-China trade war?


BRUSSELS, Belgium — A trade war with its second-largest export market is just about the last thing the European Union needs.