Euro zone in longest recession ever since records began in 1995


Wednesday’s economic growth numbers make it official: The euro zone is in its longest recession since records began in 1995.

NIOC, world’s 3rd biggest oil company: Oil & Gas IQ


Oil & Gas IQ, a leading online resource and community for the oil and gas industry, has ranked the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) as the third biggest oil company in the world.

Slovenia to adopt austerity plan in bid to avoid bailout


Slovenia, one of the EU's most recent members, is struggling to avoid becoming the fifth eurozone country after Cyprus to ask for financial aid. The challenge for the Alpine country, once a model of socialism, is to prevent an international bailout.

Europe's other potentially toxic food: salmon


Horsemeat could seem downright appetizing to European consumers compared to what might be in their fish.

Kenya's new 'Lunatic Express' to remake town as region's trade hub


NAIROBI, Kenya — Just over a century ago, Nairobi was nothing more than a cluster of huts and a railway depot — a remote way station on a plateau between the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa and landlocked Uganda.

Chinese consumers mobile shop more frequently than peers


Here is another record for China: Over the next 12 months one in four Chinese consumers are going to use their smartphones or tablets to shop online, double the global average, says the latest PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) survey.

US unemployment rate falls to 7.5 percent, a new four-year low


The US unemployment rate dropped to 7.5 percent last month, a new four-year low.

Yuan surge shows China isn't worried about economy


A record high yuan has raised some eyebrows in the financial markets, as investors weigh the negative impact the strong currency would have on the Chinese economy, which lately seems to be hitting some road bumps in its recovery.