Q&A: Can a transatlantic trade deal help save the global economy?


Politicians and economists on both sides of the Atlantic have hailed plans for a comprehensive trade deal between the United States and European Union as an important step to revive the struggling global economy. President Barack Obama — who unveiled plans for the long-awaited Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the world’s two largest economies last month — said he hoped negotiations would start in June and last two years. But some fear battles over details will bog down the talks.

Freaked out by horsemeat? Try an in vitro beef burger


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — If meat from a horse freaks you out, how about meat from a test tube?

China economic data shows inflation accelerating as industrial output slows


China’s new generation of leaders are facing an economic policy catch-22. Data released Saturday show inflation rose to a 10-month high in February at the same time industrial output – a key measure of activity in China’s thousands of factories and workshops – and retail sales softened.

Three reasons to doubt China's export numbers


In spite of the two-week Lunar New Year holiday in February, which typically translates into a slower period for economic activity, China's export numbers blew past expectations, coming in more than double of what was forecast, raising questions over the reliability of the data.

Polish plant puts rotten meat in sausages, report says


If you think horsemeat is exotic, you should try expired meat. A Polish meat plant was shut down today amid concerns that it was selling meat past its expiration date, Reuters reported.

China February CPI up 3.2% on year as food prices jump


BEIJING: China's annual inflation jumped to a 10-month high in February as holiday spending for the Lunar New Year drove food prices sharply higher, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed on Saturday.

New Fish McBites can't save McDonald's sales figures


Fast food giant McDonald's announced Friday that a key US sales figure was down 3.3 percent for February,

Сhina considers investing $40 billion in US shale oil


China National Petroleum Corporation, the country’s state-run oil major, is looking for its first stake in the US, as the three largest Chinese oil companies together plan to spend $40 billion to access US crude riches.